Praying for safety of school reconstruction

A ceremony to pray for safety of construction of Nagatoro Primary School and Arahama Middle School was held on June 24th at the construction sites, attended by about 60 town hall staffs and construction people. 
This is one of the recovery programs after the earthquake, and is the first in Miyagi Prefecture to start rebuilding the disaster-stricken school.  
At the ceremony, attendants dug the first hoe, and prayed for safety during the construction and quick completion. Mayor Saito said, “Building our community could be done only with excellent people, and education is the key for that.” 
President Kikuchi of Gun, the architectural design office of Nagatoro Primary School said, “We want to build it to be open to the local community, facilitating further interactions within the members.”  
President Watanabe of Seki, the design office of Arahama Middle School, said, “We want the school to be environmentally fit for Arahama, embracing new culture while inheriting the local history.”
The new school building of Nagatoro Primary School, whose 1st floor was damaged by the tsunami, will be a three-storied with reinforced concrete at the north of the gymnasium, with floor area as much as 3,730m2. The first floor of Arahama Middle School, which was washed by the 2.4 meter-high tsunami, will have only support pillars, while classrooms and gymnasium would be at the 2nd floor and above.

For questions, please call Education Administration Team, School Division at 0223-34-0509.




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