Groundbreaking ceremony for Public Housing Construction

A groundbreaking ceremony as a part of the recovery project from the disaster was held on March 25th, at a construction site for public housings at Arahama District. About 80 City hall people and construction people attended. 
This commemorated a start of the relocation project of public housing as a part of the recovery project from the disaster planned by Watari Town, and was held on the first day to construct the housing at Arahama District.  
At the ceremony, attendants prayed for safety of the construction and quick completion, swinging the first hoe. At his speech, Saito Mayor said, “the reconstruction of housing finally started. I want to rebuild our town and further develop new Watari Town along with our fellow citizens.”  
Town plans to construct a hundred housings at Arahama District, and as a whole, 496 homes at seven districts including Watari and Yoshida District. These housings are scheduled to be available around fall of 2016 to spring of 2017.  
Town also plans to build five housing complexes and flatten and make land available for 192 housing land at Watari, Arahama, Yoshida District, which should start within this fiscal year and be available gradually in January 2016, to expedite relocation for area severely damaged by the disaster. 
Town is working hard for the disaster victims to regain their homes and back to stable lives. 
For questions, call Rebuilding Town team, Recovery Division, at 0223-34-1225.




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