Discussions made on preparations for disasters at Date Development Summit Meeting

On November 15th, Date Hometown Development Summit meeting was held at Watari Town Central Community Center.
In early Meiji period, Samurais who used to serve for a warlord called Date family who ruled Miyagi Prefecture relocated to Hokkaido. Thus, Date City, Shibata Town, and Motomachi Town in Hokkaido and Shichi Town in Fukushima Prefecture and Watari Town became sister city for their historical background and established an association for better communications in 1992. It organizes various activities including sport festivals and this summit meeting, with each community taking turn to be a host. This year was the 20th year anniversary.
First, “Sendai Entertainment Group dressed in Date Samurais” welcomed about 300 people from the sister cities with their performances. Then, at an open discussion, five mayors discussed on how to make our towns more resilient against disasters, including governing functions and running asylums during the Great East Japan Earthquake and the eruption of Mt. Usu in Hokkaido.
At the end, Mayor Saito read the declaration that “we would further promote interactions in terms of industry, education, culture, and town development as sister cities, for our progress in the future,” which was adopted by the attendants.
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