Let’s Save Our Children Together!

Serious child abuses prevail nationwide, becoming a big social problem. They include physical abuse, mental abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse. It can happen independently, however, can be more than one at the same time, mixed with violence, verbal abuse and threatening, or sexual abuse and threatening. In any cases, such abuses will seriously affect children, both physically and psychologically.
Child abuse can happen at any home. Please consult with professionals when you find child abuse, when you find something is wrong with children, or when you are concerned about giving birth or raising children.
Counseling staffs for households with children will listen to your worries and concerns. They are available at Households with children Team, Welfare Division. Call 0223-34-1114. Also call Child Consultation Center nationwide at 0570-064-000. 
Further, local support center in raising children, social workers, and children’s social workers are also available nearby for you. Sending out SOS to these professionals will lead to a good solution. “You, the local community, and your conscience will notice.”
Let’s protect bright future of our children together.




協力・制作:仙台大学 林怡蕿(リン・イーシェン)研究室

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