Revised Residence Management System for Foreigners

The revised Residence Management System started in July. Resident cards were issued for those who applies this system, with names, basic status, legal qualification, residing period, and a picture.
This new system would merit the foreign nationals, including that the residing period was extended from three years to five at the maximum, and that no visa procedure is required for re-entry in the first year since the date of departure.
The longer-term residents include those who are married to the Japanese nationals, those who work in Japan with qualification of “technology”, “social science knowledge/ International business”, those under technological trainings, students, and permanent residents.
Further, certificate of residence that is the same type with the Japanese nationals, will be produced, including the name, address, and date of birth. In Japan, a copy of this document is used to prove your name or address, and smooth various processes your workplace or school or when you buy cars. Before you relocate to another municipalities, you are supposed to do some paperwork at your city hall to notify change of address.
For details on the revised residence management system, call 0570-013904 at Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents. It is open during 8:30AM-5:15PM on weekdays.
For details on certificate of residence, call 0570-066-630 at a call center of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. They can speak various languages, and is open during 8:30AM-5:30PM on weekdays.




協力・制作:仙台大学 林怡蕿(リン・イーシェン)研究室

    • 日本語担当:渡邉麻衣(スポーツ情報マスメディア学科4年)
    • 中国語担当:林怡蕿
    • 英語担当:吉川由紀枝(外部協力)
    • 韓国語担当:姜寅皓(外国人留学生)