Dangerous areas in case of disaster were designated. Construction restricted in the area

An ordinance on the dangerous areas in case of disaster in Watari Town was passed at the town assembly, and took effect on June 18th.
In the ordinance, some areas were designated as dangerous when a tsunami just like the one last year happens, according to the Construction Standard Law Article 39. Constructions of residential buildings will be restricted for safety reasons in the area.
The dangerous area are the districts “advised to relocate” according to the Disaster Recovery Plan of Watari Town developed in December 2011.
In the area, new construction of residential buildings, including houses and apartment buildings, and “expansion” and “reforming” of existing houses will be forbidden.
Yet, “repair” of existing residents is not restricted, and you can live after repairing your home. Further, non-residential buildings, including factories, warehouses, offices, and shops, are allowed to be built.
Hotels and other accommodating facilities, medical and social welfare facilities, and public buildings to accommodate a large number of people can be built, by satisfying the conditions of building a robust structure against disaster defined by the central government.
The designation of dangerous areas in case of disaster is for the safety of all citizens. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
For questions, call Recovery and Building Dept. at 0223-34-1225.



協力・制作:仙台大学 林怡蕿(リン・イーシェン)研究室

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